Wolf Spirit Day Jol 2017

We set out to have fun at the Wolf Spirit MC Day Jol at Cock & Bull at Harties. Well fun is what we had. We invited some friend for the Ride and Jol. We all had a fun time with the ride meeting up at sasol Pinehaven in krugersdorp. After a lekker coffe we took the log awesome ride around to the jol. Thanx to Jaco and Vanessa and Daniel for the lekker company. Michael, Karen, Anne and Duran also joined us for this event.

Our First Lady 1Nita having a drink in the Beer Drinking Competition. Missed 1st place my milliseconds.


Thank You Jaco And Vanessa for joining us!


Daniel getting his first tatoo at the jol! Congratulations Daniel


The Villains MCC Jo’Burg Clubhouse

So here we go!!! The new clubhouse opened today on 11/03/2017, and it was a crazy Jol!!
With a full fridge we started to get loud and have fun!! I am sure the west rand heard us going crazy, after all
The Villains make any Jol come to life.
Music was pumping and beers was flowing as we properly started with a bang.
Thanx to 1Nita (First Lady) and Michael and Karen for the awesome time. Even the guests had an awesome time.


Ink & Iron 2017

The Ink & Iron Show 2017 - The Villains MCC Jo’Burg. We attended the Ink & Iron 2017. Now all we can say is that it was awesome. Bigger and Better than last year. Well done guys and girls. Thanx to Dead Men Riding for keeping our stuff safe. And to Grant Mc Nicol. And again for

Shadow Line Tattoos


The Villains MCC Jo'Burg
The Villains MCC Jo'Burg
The Villains MCC Jo'Burg
The Villains MCC Jo'Burg
The Villains MCC Jo'Burg

Rhino Rally 2015

So we ride to the Rhino Rally 2015 at Parys Afridome. We got up and left at about 4:00 am to avoid the Jo’Burg traffic. This was really an awesome ride and enjoyed the quite open road.
We had a stop at wimpy for breakfast and on to the rally we go.
And just like they promised “NO DUST”. This year we had rain rain rain and more rain. But this is not going to stop us, we still had an amazing weekend. Stunts happening, Wrestling and bands playing made it worth it.

Ink & Iron 2015 Johannesburg

Ink & Iron 2015
So arrive the Ink & Iron weekend! And as normally we make the most of it. Because Saturday was too far for us we rather start having the party on the Friday. As usual VP Jack made us some awesome burger patties the size of steaks for burgers.
Ink & Iron 2015
We then party all through and went big. The Saturday morning we all meet up at the clubhouse for a quick doppie and then went through to the ink & Iron at the crusaders clubhouse in JHB. It realy was a lekker weekend and again the villains made their mark at the jol.
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