In memory of our Villains

5, Mar, 2012

You may have passed on, but we will never forget you Villain!

Rose Bekker (29 June 1964 - 22 Sept 2012)

Conroy “Happy Hips” Langwood (01 Sept 1968 - 16 Dec 2011)

Gregory “Pappy” Bond (22 Apr 1956 - 14 Sept 2009)

Ride On Angels Wings

Gone now but not forgotten
Forever in our dreams
Everyday the Sun shines for you
Everyday the roads are dry
The straights go on forever
The bends are as you dream
There are no more pains
There are no more worries
You will be there at every party
You will take part in every race
You will stand there on the podium
You will race with the stars
you will ride upon Gods pillion
And if Angels ride on Harleys
Then you will surely travel far
On Earth You were My Brother
And now you are a Star
so glide on heavens highway
And lead the train up front
One day you will be waiting
And together we will ride
Once more again as Brothers
The white line side by side

By JON (England U.K.)